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Qijia dynamic intercepting lampblack purifier has a purification rate of 98.9%, which is the front-end mechanical intercepting and purifying machine

Date:2020-12-16 Author: 未知
Most of the traditional range hoods have no oil-gas separation function, no purification effect or incomplete purification effect, resulting in oil directly discharged to the outdoor, which not only pollutes the atmosphere to a certain extent, but also pollutes the external walls of buildings, resulting in the common "oil nose" phenomenon, affecting the beauty of the city.
Qijia Electric's self-developed dynamic intercepting lampblack purifier is a purification technology which adopts front-end mechanical interception, dynamic and impact interception, and physical centrifugal separation. Through dynamic mechanical shielding, it can effectively block oil particles, smoke particles and oil smoke mixed particles produced during cooking, and realize oil and gas separation. The oil fume is purified, and the purification rate can reach 98.9% The gas is discharged into the atmosphere; the special purification screen disk rotates at high speed to produce centrifugal effect, which throws the intercepted oil smoke particles into the oil guide tank and flows into the waste oil collection container, thus completing the whole process of oil fume purification. After being refined and processed, the waste oil can be converted into heavy oil, hand sanitizer, detergent and other biological washing products and biodiesel.
Qijia dynamic intercepting lampblack purifier, the purification rate is 98.9%
The full dynamic centrifugal oil fume purification technology is a kind of dynamic impact interception and physical centrifugal separation purification technology, which has obtained a number of technical invention patents. Driven by the motor, the purification mesh disk rotates at a high speed of 2300 rpm to form a mechanical shield and effectively separate the oil particles from the flue gas. The dynamic oil filter integrates smoke exhaust and purification, with strong drainage rate and purification rate of 98.9%. This product can be directly discharged out of the outer wall at low altitude, without oil hanging, and has no pollution to the external wall and air. The pollution of lampblack to the environment has been fundamentally solved.
The dynamic oil filter integrates smoke exhaust and purification, and the strong pumping rate is as high as 98.9%.
High efficiency purification: two stage purification, high purification rate, better than the national environmental protection emission standard.
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