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Product features of Qijia lampblack purifier

Date:2020-12-08 Author: 未知
1. Innovative appearance

Innovative appearance design, the use of leading CNC manufacturing technology, no oil leakage, highlight the strength, with high-strength tempered glass, high-end quality excellent performance, using stainless steel material, deep and strong, breaking through the tradition, leading the fashion trend of range hood.

2. Large air volume and strong suction

Based on the principle of air negative pressure dynamics, the design of air duct is optimized, and the high-efficiency and high-power copper wire double ball bearing motor is adopted with strong suction.

3. Dynamic interception oil fume purification device

By adopting dynamic centrifugal force, through high-speed rotation of independent motor, the speed of oil smoke interceptor is as high as 1800 revolutions per minute, which plays the role of oil fume separation, so as to decompose large particles of molecules, oil ions and water mist. By rotating the center of gravity of the disk, all the decomposed oil ions, water mist and smoke can be completely thrown into the oil collecting pan, which not only exceeds the national oil fume purification environmental protection standards, but also achieves the goal of free cleaning Washing effect.

4. Low noise

Using the principle of aerodynamics, the fan system is designed carefully. The ball bearing motor and multi blade centrifugal wind wheel are used to ensure the smooth and quiet operation.

5. Circuit control system

It adopts novel and simple body feeling intelligent switch, elegant and fashionable. The motor can be adjusted by three gears, i.e. fast, medium and slow speed. The operation is simple and convenient.

6. Three layer oil fume separation net

The front three-layer patent lampblack separation screen, Teflon oil-free coating spraying treatment, to ensure the comprehensive absorption and purification of oil fume, the surface is oil-free and easy to scrub.

7. LED cold light, energy saving and environmental protection

Using bright and energy-saving LED cold light lamp, can meet the needs of modern family kitchen decoration, using energy-saving cold light technology, long life and soft brightness.

Humanized design concept

Side suction structure, smoke collecting cover, good purification effect of cage smoke and oil fume, and convenient cleaning of oil tank.
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