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"Electrothermal" disinfection of "electronic" disinfection

Date:2018-07-20 Author: 未知

There are many varieties of disinfector and disinfector in the market. However, some illegal manufacturers, in order to gain private benefits, sell the "electronic disinfector", which is not a "electrothermal disinfection" product which is not an electronic disinfection method at all, and harm the consumers.

The so-called "electronic disinfection" is the use of electronic means of disinfection of substances that are sterilized. For example, the ozone produced by the discharge method and the sodium hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide produced by electrolysis are used for sterilization and disinfection. Fake electronic sterilizer is sterilized by high temperature. The sterilizing cabinet with electric heating method does not produce disinfectant substances in its own way, and only relies on a large amount of heat generated by the electric heating device to achieve the purpose of disinfection. It is self-evident that the construction of the disinfection cabinet is very large (generally above 600 watts or even higher). It does not belong to the category of electronic disinfection technology, but it should be called "electrothermal disinfection cabinet".

The electronic disinfection cabinet and the electric heating sterilizer are only one word, but they are two different products. The electronic disinfector has the advantages of energy saving, the electricity consumption of the general electronic disinfector is not more than 20 watts, and the "electrothermal disinfector" can only disinfect the high temperature resistant articles, and the electricity consumption is great. Consumers should be careful about the two.

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