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Because each switch once a hot water faucet, the boiler will start once again, and then reheating the temperature to the temperature you want before, the ordinary boiler for at least 7 seconds, this period of time, there is a lot of cold water waste, and waste gas. It is suggested that you can choose products with high brand awareness, not only short start-up time, but also energy saving and environmental protection. Taking Qijia condensing wall hanging furnace as an example, this machine uses advanced condensation technology to recover the heat of exhaust gas, environmental protection and energy saving, and in the daily use, there is a comfortable hot water supply in the shortest 5 seconds. When heating, do not heat the room too high. When the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, people are prone to colds. According to statistics, heating the room to 19 degrees is 10% more than heating the room to 18 degrees.

The wall hanging furnace should not be closed when no one is in the house

The appropriate way is to adjust the heating temperature to the lowest level. Many workers are accustomed to closing the wall when no one is at home. After work, it is very unscientific to set up the manufacturer of the wall hanging furnace for rapid heating. When the room is cooled for 9 hours, the temperature difference between room temperature and setting temperature is larger. The boiler needs fire. This will not only save energy but also waste gas. The scientific method is to lower the room temperature slightly through the room temperature control device. If there is no room temperature control device, the heating temperature of the wall hanging furnace is set to the lowest. In the meantime, the boiler will be intermittently small fires to make up for the heat loss of the room. In this way, we can save energy and get comfortable temperature after work. Night sleep state heating temperature should be lowered into the night before sleep, the room heating temperature can be properly adjusted to lower than the daytime temperature 2~3 degrees, which will also help to save energy.

As the first choice brand for coal modified gas engineering, Qijia wall hanging furnace has high quality, high technology and intelligent characteristics. It also has a very good reputation in the market and industry. At the same time, as the main drafting unit of the national standard for the condensing wall hanging furnace and ten successive years of continuous wall hanging furnace, the Qijia wall hanging furnace has joined in the passage. The innovative model of differential development strategy has achieved great achievements in the domestic market by virtue of its leading advantage and localization marketing system in the market of the wall hanging furnace in Europe. Especially since the promotion of "coal gas" policy, because of its excellent quality and professional technology in the field of engineering, it is favored by the coal users.

1, natural gas needs to consume oxygen for complete combustion, and indoor ventilation should be maintained during use.

2, the room with natural gas is not allowed to use other fuels, such as bottled liquefied petroleum gas.

3. The rubber pipe of natural gas shall not go through the wall and go over the room, and check regularly and replace regularly. It is found that the rubber tube is aged, cracked, tortuous or damaged in time, and the overdue rubber tube is strictly prohibited.

4, when cooking, the kitchen should be attended to at any time to avoid the overflow of the soup and extinguish the fire, resulting in natural gas leakage.

5, before going out and at night, remember to close the front valve of the gas source stove before going to bed, and do not use gas for a long time.

6, because of the renovation of the buildings to refit natural gas pipeline, the application of the Gas Co, the construction of a professional team, the user must not be unauthorized modification or disorderly natural gas pipeline.

7. It is not allowed to add or refit gas appliances without authorization. If additional gas appliances are required, they should be applied to the Gas Co and the professional team is responsible for the construction.

8, not allowed to install gas meters, valves and other facilities in the room stacked debris, people living.

9. No gas wires should be twisted or wires should be hung.

10, the daily leak detection should be carried out. The common method is to apply the brush dipped in soapy water to the gas pipe interface, such as the bubble appears, that is, the air leakage is explained, and the clear fire can not be used. If air leakage is found, effective measures should be taken in time to inform Gas Co to deal with it.

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