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How to reduce cooking oil smoke when cooking?

Date:2018-05-24 Author: 未知

Every day cooking and cooking, inadvertently, kitchen fumes also gradually become people's health risks. Cooking fumes will make the chef's skin greasy, and the hair and clothes will also smell of unpleasant fumes. The harm of lampblack is much more than that. Cooking fumes can increase the risk of lung cancer, and it is also related to diabetes, heart disease, obesity and so on. Xiaobian recommended four suggestions to reduce the infection of lampblack.

One, the kitchen oil smoke can cause cancer!

According to the experts, the cooking oil fume has a direct relationship with the temperature of oil during the stir fry: when the oil is heated more than 200 c, the main component of the oil fume is acrolein. It has a strong spicy taste, strong stimulation to the nasal, eye and throat mucosa, and can cause respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis and so on. When spit fire, the oil temperature is more than 300 degrees C, in addition to acrolein, there will be agglomerate, leading to chronic poisoning and easy to induce respiratory and digestive system cancer.

Two, four suggestions to reduce fumes:

According to the Journal of the American Academy of Sciences, acrolein in cigarettes and cooking fumes is one of the main causes of lung cancer. Acrolein can cause mutations in cell genes and reduce the ability of cells to repair damage. The higher the oil temperature, the more the release of acrolein. Away from fumes, suggest:

1, cook food temperature is not too high, especially do not wait until the oil smoke and then the pot.

2, ensure that the cooking fume function works efficiently, do not save electricity, otherwise the cooker is a live range hood.

3, the oil fume machine should be cleaned regularly.

4, brush the pot carefully, the grease in the pot and the pot outside the pot must be cleaned up in time to reduce the lampblack.

Three, the knack of reducing the harm of fume:

The first trick: change the cooking habit of "quick cooking". Do not overheat the oil temperature, oil temperature do not exceed 200 degrees centigrade (with oil pan as the limit), this can not only reduce the "oil smoke syndrome", the vitamins in the pan can also be effectively preserved.

Second: it's best not to cook the oil again and again. Some housewives in order to save oil, fried fish, fried pork ribs used again and again do not abandon the oil, I do not know that this also contains a lot of carcinogens. Repeated heating of the oil, such as the oil which is used to fry the food many times, not only contains carcinogens themselves, but also produces more carcinogens and more harm.

Third: it is necessary to do a good job of ventilation in the kitchen. The kitchen should always keep natural ventilation while installing a range hood with good performance and good effect. In the cooking process, always open the range hood, fry the dish for 10 minutes and then turn off the hood. The standard of effective cooking fume is that the smell of stir frying is not known one meter away from the hearth.

The fourth trick: try to use steaming, cooking, stir and other cooking means. This will not only reduce the consumption of edible oil, but also reduce the damage to the nutritional components of food. Do not choose stir fry, fry, oil and overcooked dishes.

The fifth trick: when cooking, when cooking fumes are not yet obvious, putting the dishes in will make the cooking oil cool down quickly, so that the temperature is too high. You can put the shallots into the pot, and see that the edges of the scallions are bubbling but the colors remain unchanged, which means that the oil temperature is suitable for frying.

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