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Ice cubes dirty toilet water in summer kitchen and kitchen clean tips

Date:2018-05-24 Author: 未知

Not only the food and beverage department to guarantee the hygiene of daily kitchen and sanitary products, but also to clean the kitchen and toilet articles in time and on time.

The refrigerator needs to be cleaned in time in the summer

1. Clean the inside and outside surfaces and accessories of the fridge with sponge and other dipping soda water. Strong stains can be scrubbed with different brushes, plastic or painted surface with nylon cashmere, wire brush metal or enamel surface, and long handle and soft bristles to brush the dust and chorionic crevice.

2. When cleaning, first take out food, close the temperature control switch, and then pull out the shelf. Put the boiled metal utensils into the frozen grid. When the ice on the wall is melted, the ice is taken off with a plastic sheet. For example, the water is cool and then changed, so that it has enough calorie. When the ice inside the ice is completely melted, the inner wall can be washed, cleaned and dried with clean water, and then the ice tray is washed carefully. The bottom of the drainage drain can be washed with old wet toothbrush in soda water.

If the refrigerator of the refrigerator is blocked, the plastic hose which is connected with the drain hole in the rear of the refrigerator can be unloaded and the air nozzle is aligned with the refrigerator to connect the drain hole, and the food debris in the inside will be blown out and the clogging is excluded.

Refrigerators are used for a long time and often have an unpleasant smell. So it should be cleaned according to the above methods. In particular, the bottom of the shelf of the refrigerator, the water box, the gap of the door seal, and the plastic box should pay special attention to thorough cleaning. If you still can not remove the smell in the fridge, you can put the refrigerator deodorant in it, the effect will be better. In addition, when storing food in the refrigerator, you should pay attention to preventing the smell. It is better to pack food with impervious paper, plastic bags, fresh-keeping boxes, fresh-keeping films, etc. For fish, onion and garlic foods, they should be wrapped and put in the fridge.

Principle of refrigerator maintenance in summer

1. after the purchase of fruits and vegetables, first screening and reprocessing.

First screen out which vegetables are not suitable for the refrigerator, radish, potatoes, potatoes, and other rhizomatous vegetables and green leafy vegetables such as rape and celery have to be picked out first. This is because, first, this kind of vegetables generally with soil, directly into the refrigerator will pollute its environment, second, the vegetable itself nutrition and preservation, should not be put in the refrigerator, such as small rapeseed in the refrigerator will not only decay faster, but also the effect of enzymes and bacteria, the production of nitrite.

2. raw meat is cleaned first and then stored.

When fresh meat is bought back, it is best to flush with clean water, wash the dust and other dirty things above, and then put it in a fresh-keeping box or fresh-keeping bag and put it into the freezer.

3. the refrigerator should be managed by the zoning.

To keep the fridge clean for a long time, food must be partitioned. In refrigerated rooms, fruits and vegetables are placed underneath, top cooked meat and dairy products are placed on top, and leftovers and leftovers can be placed in the middle layer. While leftovers and leftovers are the biggest killer of the refrigerator environment, we should pay attention before placing the soup in the deep bottom bowl to avoid the leakage of the soup; the green leafy vegetables cannot be over the night; once the milk or the sauce is sealed, the bottle must be tightened.

4. use fresh-keeping box and fresh-keeping bag.

When different kinds of food are stored, it is best to put them in a fresh keeping bag and place them separately. In this way, the food can be seen clearly and cross infection can be avoided. The storage time of the food in the refrigerator is also limited, the cooked food is long, the raw food is slightly shorter, but the time is too long and may deteriorate, which can cause some pollution to the refrigerator.

Fridge is a place where food is stored, but such an item closely related to life ranks second among the most dirty places in the family. Therefore, it is the basic principle to keep the refrigerator clean at all times.

Even if you drop a drop of soup on the top, wipe it off immediately. Don't belittle this drop of juice. In a frozen environment, it will harden quickly. It will not only become more difficult to clean, but also breed bacteria. In addition to being clean at any time, it is also necessary to do a thorough cleaning every week.

1., first, cut off the power supply, use soft cloth dipped in water or wash detergent gently, then rinse with dipping water.

2. secondly, when the refrigerator parts are found to be dirty, they should be removed with clean water or detergent. The surface of the plug is wiped with dry cloth. After cleaning, plug in the power plug and check if the temperature controller is in the correct position.

3. in addition, in order to prevent the damage to the outer coating of the refrigerator and the plastic parts in the refrigerator, do not use washing powder, detergent powder, alkaline detergent, brush and so on to clean the refrigerator, and do not use hot water to scrub the refrigerator or to scrape the dirt from the sharp instrument.

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