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Use the integrated focus as early as possible, less affected by a few years of oil and smoke

Date:2018-05-10 Author: 未知

It is reported that the kitchen oil smoke contains more than 300 kinds of harmful substances, the most important carcinogen of lung cancer is DNP, the housewife in the kitchen to prepare a meal when the DNP inhaled, is 188 times the outdoor fresh air! What is even more shocking is that cooking on a cooker with poor ventilation system and low efficiency in combustion is harmful to health, which is equal to two packs of cigarettes a day!

Therefore, in order to solve this pain point, people invented a lot of kitchen appliances that sucked out soot. The use of integrated kitchen is also terrible. Don't underestimate it.

These people: generally pay attention to health, compared with their peers, good physical condition.

When the parents or wives of the family cook, they are often choked by oil fumes and cough. Because of the long-term harm caused by oil fumes, the lungs are prone to problems. Buying more medicines can not alleviate the body that has been eroded by soot.

Until the integrated stove was used, the health of family members was effectively solved by lampblack. The integrated stove uses the principle of micro aerodynamics, and adopts the way of side suction and exhaust air. The oil absorption rate of the integrated stove is as high as 99.96%, even if the fried chili in the home can not smell a little.

These people are generally harmonious families, have more energy to get along with their children, and have good relationships with their children.

Before cooking, cooking oil fumes, every meal is a kitchen cleaning, and the crowded kitchen can only allow 1-2 people to clean up together, and so on, the family is almost washed up, and what time exchange and exchange of feelings?

But with the integration focus, first solve the problem of oil smoke, home can be decorated into an open kitchen, dinner, the children together to help you clean up, not only save a lot of kitchen cleaning time, but also enhance the feelings, you also have more time to accompany the children to do other things; now most of the integrated focus has regular work. Yes, you can do other things while cooking.

These people are generally in good economic condition and are at the forefront of their lives. Most of their businesses are very good.

They used the integrated stove very early, which showed that they had a unique vision, knew the future trend, and showed excellent insight in their work. Save more time to work, do more meaningful things, often in the career can achieve good results, the economic situation is also OK. Secondly, when other people do not use the integrated kitchen, it is familiar to the intelligent household appliances. It is clear that the intelligent household appliances bring convenience to people's life, are full of curiosity to the new things in the future, and can adapt to the rhythm of the society.

In this way, it is true that the people who use the integration focus can not be seen in the bud, and all aspects of life are considered for health and foresight. Therefore, it is advisable to use the integrated kitchen as soon as possible, reduce the harm of lampblack for several years, save more time and put it to work and family members.

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