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Which is the cabinet kitchen appliances selected first?

Date:2018-04-02 Author: 未知
In the kitchen decoration, everyone may meet a question, is the decoration is the first cabinet or the first shopping kitchen appliances, first do the cabinet may face opening holes or the details of the size of the grasp, the first selection of electrical appliances may affect the style. What should we do at this time, do it in the first place

Or do you buy kitchen appliances first?
Qijia proposal is divided into three steps: pick the style -- pick up electrical appliances -- make it again.
In fact, the above two choices are different, but experts have given a more scientific way to make your kitchen decoration and kitchen appliances more perfect, which is the three step model of "choosing style - pick - up". If the electrical appliances are selected first, some people will consciously design the kitchen according to the style of the electric appliance, and affect the unity of the style of the family clothes. If we do the kitchen cabinet first, the size of the smoke tube and the size of the kitchen stove, the "three step" mode will avoid two kinds of embarrassment.
First in line with the kitchen style that you like, and then choose kitchen appliances, the necessary dimensions are recorded to the designer, unified design, so you can be all the best. It is understood that many smart consumers are now planning their own kitchen according to the "three steps".
If you think the "three step" model is a bit of a problem and plans to build a modern and practical modern kitchen, you have a choice to buy "the whole kitchen". At present, the concept of integrated kitchen and whole kitchen is becoming more and more popular in the market. On the one hand, various kitchen brands have launched their own overall kitchen, combining their own cabinet with kitchen power to make various styles; on the other hand, some consumers also tend to this one-stop service, which saves both time and energy and the cost of purchase, as well as a perfect match between the cabinet and the kitchen.
In the condition that the kitchen area is large enough, the function arrangement must be reasonable, the hardware function is applied comfortably, and the embedded appliance is equipped as a whole as far as possible. For example, the large electrical appliances such as the refrigerator are embedded in the cabinet, and the space is not messy; the middle island kitchen cabinet is also a common design, adding a diner or table in the L shaped kitchen to facilitate the use of many people at the same time; and the whole kitchen May also consider setting the bar, and under the foot, let meal, wine has become leisurely and carefree enjoyment.
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