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The successful investment of Qijia electric appliance

Date:2018-04-02 Author: 未知
Qijia electric appliance exhibition is successful in Shunde household appliance exhibition. China (Shunde) home appliance Expo has been held for more than 10 years in a row. It is one of the most powerful electrical exhibitions in the country and in Asia. Shunde, Zhongshan and its surrounding areas have the leading appliance industry belt in the country. Buyers to the exhibition, visit to the nearest factory. For the manufacturers, it can reduce the cost of display. Qijia electric appliance has successfully joined more than 30 partners with geographical advantages and strength.

Home appliances are connected to the Internet, and traditional industries need to touch the net. But whether it is "Internet plus", "Internet + Internet", are all appliances to help franchisees Qijia wings. Intelligent "is the trend of industry development." Therefore, Qijia appliance emphasizes "smart platform, smart home appliance". "New", "intelligence", "create" and "merge" are the soul of Qijia electrical appliance research and development.

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