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Gas cooker toughened glass panel and stainless steel panel of kitchen knowledge interpretation!

Date:2017-12-15 Author: 未知
China is a country with a large population and one of the most electric appliances in the world. So many household appliances, so that the consumption of all kinds of metals is also greatly increased. In recent years, the state has increased the control of some metal materials. Many household electrical appliances consider the resources that some countries have lots of resources that can be recycled. A variety of materials such as aluminum and tempered glass have been applied to household appliances. The change of materials not only reduces the price of products, but also saves many valuable resources for the country.
Comparison of safety aspects
Glass panels: tempered glass panels are comparable to stainless steel panels in all respects. The fundamental reason for users' fears of explosions is improper use of users. Tempered glass is a new type of material. Many consumers do not know it. In use, we must regularly clean up impurities and carbon deposits on the stove ring, so as not to cause fire holes blockage and cause tempering. It is necessary to do the cleaning and maintenance of the panel on weekdays, not to impact the surface of the focus, so as to avoid overheating or sudden cold. As long as you pay a little attention to the usual use, you can avoid a panel explosion.
Stainless steel panel: as everyone knows, the gas stove stove when working near the temperature will be very high, the panel of gas stove stainless steel under a lot of effort in conducting this, even if the gas stove work for a long time, at the temperature of the panel also such as room temperature. In the heat of heat, the user can put the hot pot on the panel at will, without worrying about the problem of the panel. The strength of the stainless steel is also good, do not worry that the panel will have any problems.
Comparison of cleanliness
Toughened glass: the panel is similar to the stainless steel panel. It can remove the oil from the surface with a wet cloth dipped in a little cleaner. And the toughened glass will also leave the watermark after wiping. But with the background color of the panel, it will not be obvious. It will not affect the overall beauty. The cleaning is more convenient than the stainless steel panel.
Stainless steel panel: it is very convenient for cleaning. After using a wet cleaning cloth directly after using a little detergent, it can remove the oil directly. But it should be noted that after the water rag is finished, it will leave stains on the stainless steel panel and will affect the appearance. After wiping it is better to wipe it again with the dry cloth, so the effect will be very good.
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