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The problem of gas cooker malfunction is related to cleanliness, not product quality.

Date:2017-12-15 Author: 未知
There may be several reasons: the usual cooking may move the stove ring and the ignition needle and the stove ring hole corresponding to no good, you can view and adjust the spark just playing in the nearest hole edge; damper can also adjust the gas stove below, when the door is too large, the gas and air mixture ratio is too small, not easy to fire, the door first small; there may be a stove ring too dirty, hindered the gas, can be cleaned to see whether smooth ignition; check whether the battery has power.
Many consumer home gas cooker often appears yellow fire, it is likely that the inadequate air intake results in inadequate natural gas combustion, can adjust the door. If the pressure is changed, you don't have to worry about it, and it will recover in a moment. Of course, if the quality of the gas in the pipe is not high, the yellow fire will occur.
Willing to teach you how to clean the gas stove down down down
1, soap powder help
The cleanliness of the surface of the gas cooker can be considered as a neutral detergent, such as soap powder, which can be used on the surface of the gas stove and the nozzle and other places.
2, nozzle clogging treatment
Effect of nozzle clogging fire, can use wire brush to brush away the dirt carbide, with a brush. If the blockage is serious, you can find a wire ball, remove the nozzle, and finally rinse the wiping way through the side to remove the stains.
3. Choose embedded gas cooker
The surface of the gas stove is mainly made of stainless steel and white enamel, and there is a other fashion stove panel glass panel. The choice of embedded stove not only makes the kitchen more beautiful, save the place, let the stains do not penetrate the bottom of the stove, so it is easy to clean.
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