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The oil smoker is not bad, but why not?

Date:2017-12-15 Author: 未知
The range hood is now indispensable for every household cooking and cooking. With it, the cooking fumes can be discharged out of the house in time, so that we can breathe clean air. When we use a smoker, no matter how strong the suction is, the smoke is full of the kitchen space. The smoked machine is not bad, but why don't you smoke?
But sometimes we find that the oil - sucking machine is clear and good, but the effect of smoking is not ideal, what is it because of it?
Oil fume discharge path is not smooth
The exhaust pipe of the oil sucker is usually only allowed to have a bending, if the bending is too much, it will lead to the poor discharge path of the oil smoke. It's like we run, and a straight line sprint at the same distance is certainly much faster than a variety of corners.
In addition, the drawing length of the oil absorption pipe is 1.5 meters, and if the length is too long, especially over 3 meters, it will affect the smoking effect.
Narrow or clogged public flue
This situation is generally common in some old communities. Because the public flue diameter design is too small, coupled with the accumulation of flue smoke Months and years pass by., almost a jam.
So you think, the flue of the house is blocked. What's the use of the smoke machine? So in this case, or to contact the residential property contact to dredge the flue.
The space convection is too large or the space is too close
The job of hood is to keep the air flowing indoors. If you close the kitchen doors and windows when cooking, the air resistance of the hood will turn larger and larger, resulting in a worse smoking effect.
But if the doors and windows are opened and wind weather, it will lead to excessive air convection, blowing smoke, which will also affect the effect of smoking.
So the right thing to do is to open the 5-10cm door or window when using an oil - sucker.
Oil accumulating in a cigarette machine
Some users, home fume machines have been used for five or six years, never cleaned, the flue duct system oil more, resulting in a suction drop.
Of course, this situation is related to the frequency and quality of the use of the machine. For example, your family rarely cooks food, or is very little oil, that will be a lot better. In addition, if you smoke a good quality, high oil separation, it will be much better than the cheap brand-name machine hood deposit inside the oil situation.
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