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Knowledge of the methods of winter antifreeze and drainage of domestic gas water heater products!

Date:2017-12-15 Author: 未知
[method] gas drainage water heater in winter "chill chill, freeze into ice cold group, has been to the arrival of cold wave. Do you know if everyone feels the temperature drop? Cold air is so cold, if the gas water heater in your home there failed to start, then there may be "bad cold", in order to prevent the water heater from freezing, drainage is an important prerequisite for prevention of this, for everyone to move on, the gas water heater in the home to do some real freezing treatment, hope can give you some help.
Here we are going to operate the water heater drainage method
The first step: the inlet PPR cut-off valve, the copper ball valve or the inlet angle valve valve and the natural gas valve.
Second step: open the washbasin or the hot water faucet in the wash basin.
Third step: reverse clockwise rotation and unscrewing the drain rod of pressure relief valve
The fourth step: to wash the hot water faucet in the vegetable basin or washbasin, shut off the hot water outlet, the PPR globe valve, the copper ball valve or the hot water outlet valve, then turn the drain valve on the discharge valve on the clockwise way.
This water heater internal water has been eliminated, effectively prevent the temperature under the lead water heater tank cracking risk!
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