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What location is better for the franchisee

Date:2017-12-15 Author: 未知
More and more people join the integrated kitchen, although the company of integrated kitchen own franchisee of location, but still have a lot of people on the site are confused. Then the family integrated kitchen stores to tell you, what are the key factors in the choice of address!
In the integrated kitchen joined the flagship store
A flow is king, the large flow of people means that the consumer market is relatively good.
The large flow of people a lot of favorable factors of very large shop. But the high traffic locations, the rent must be relatively high, so also with their own capital strength, if the budget is higher, so in the site can be capricious, if the budget is low, then we need to make trade-offs between the flow of people and rent.
Two, convenient transportation, solve the parking problem of customers.
Traffic factors franchisee shop in the integrated stove is one of the more important factors. The integrated kitchen stores the best choice of convenient transportation, convenient parking place. This area can bring great benefits in business.
Three, choose the Qijia integrated kitchen to provide professional guidance to the location of shops.
Of course, the integrated kitchen stores the location of the need for a comprehensive analysis of various factors, from which to choose the best scheme, and as a professional integrated kitchen family joining the company, can give the Qijia integrated kitchen franchisees to provide specific services and guidance on the location of shops, a worthy of trust and choice.
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