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Which aspects should a gas water heater be used for?

Date:2017-12-07 Author: 未知

An invigorating autumn climate, but also to the golden nine silvers ten renovation season, the water heater is the current home decoration must be the kitchen appliance products. How do you choose a hot water heater for your own? We share some of the key considerations for selecting hot water heaters today, and teach you how to choose the gas water heater that is economical and good.

Water heater propaganda

1. brands

Good brands represent quality and service. Now, the kitchen and health electric appliance market is mixed with fish and dragon, I bought "false cherry blossoms", "Optima", imitating foreign brands and so on. The Internet can also search the selected brand before the brand's official website, Baidu evaluation, not by businessman verbal propaganda flicker.

2. merchants

Good business can have good products. The Senate can refer friends around, or buy at the official designated place favorite brand. In the kitchen of a region of a proxy policy, it is easier to identify the authenticity.

3. liter selection

The increase is the flow rate of 25 degrees in the unit time of the water heater. The power of the general water heater is 2 times as high as the number of liters. This is not the bigger the better, the higher the rise, the higher the price. Therefore, it is also very important to choose the right number of liters according to the use of the family. Generally speaking, the southern areas such as Guangdong and Guangxi 8-10L can meet the general household needs. The 10-12L in the central region can meet the demand, and the 16L in the northwest or alpine region can meet the demand. If you need the kitchen and toilet, or two toilet at the same time use the demand, can be appropriately increased; if the bathtub needs, please choose more than 16L.

4. energy efficiency selection

Energy efficiency is an important parameter that reacts the power and conversion rate of the water heater, in which the heat efficiency reacts the important parameter of the heat conversion of the water heater into the water temperature. The technological progress of gas water heater is very huge. In just thirty years, it has never been to the present intelligent thermostat, and even the condensing machine has increased the thermal efficiency of the traditional water heater to about 110%. But now condensers are still in the stage of new technology application, and the price is much more expensive than the general ones. Considering the comparison between gas economy and water heater service life, it is not very practical. This environmentally-friendly person can ignore the general purchase of one or two levels of energy efficiency. Qijia gas water heater two level energy efficiency, up to 89% heat conversion rate, is a very economical and practical gas water heater.

The installation and after sale of 5. major

The installation of the water heater is still very simple, but professional installation can exclude some potential safety problems of the water heater, such as freezing prevention in winter, ventilation and no backwash.

The popularity of natural gas and the progress of technology development of gas water heaters make the characteristics of gas heater easy to use, and it is easier to play, and that is, no need to wait for opening and using. Constant temperature technology also makes gas water heaters more comfortable to use. The purchase of gas water heater to choose the nearest Qijia kitchen and sanitation agent to join the point, more easy to get good pre sales and after-sales service. In order to add a color to love, give your new home a warm!

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