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The development trend of kitchen and health agent under the trend of consumption upgrading

Date:2017-12-07 Author: 未知

The current market with the upgrading of consumption is undergoing tremendous change, so our kitchen agent in the market development trend of the current changes should be how to meet the needs of consumers? Qijia hutch defends the consumption upgrade agent brings how the trend of the development of kitchen appliances from the consumer level of consumer demand today.

Consumption upgrades 2

From the early liberation to the present, China has undergone three major consumption upgrades. Every time it has a significant impact on social development, it also has a profound impact on production and market.

China's first consumer after the reform and opening up, China solved the problem of food and clothing, clothing and other textile products become the main consumer demand at the time, we pull the light industry, the rapid development of textile industry, and produced a large number of clothing magnate.

The second consumption upgrades were at the end of the -90 1980s. This is when most of the people in our country into a well-off era, the current market in old 3 (bicycles, watches, radios) and the new three pieces (TV, air conditioner, refrigerator) was the most popular consumer goods market. This market trend has led to the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry.

The third consumption upgrade was from the beginning of twenty-first Century to the present, and this time the demand of the people has been diversified. Tourism, cars, real estate, IT industry, food and beverage have been leaping development. In this development, the IT, the automobile and the real estate industry are the dominant ones.

Consumption demand, the most basic is food and clothing. With the development of material basis, are from the most basic needs of development to a higher demand, eat well, live well, ah. The development of society is to meet these needs. And with the development of the market, the development of the kitchen and toilet industry is also very obvious.

Consumption upgrades 3

According to the data, people's demand for the range hood is very large now. The appearance, intelligence, self cleaning and filtration performance become an important reference for consumers to choose the range hood.

The characteristic of high efficiency oil filtration is the concept recently concerned by lampblack machine. Most of the previous users only focused on the effect of smoking, and it was easy to clean these two aspects. This function is due to the internal hood after being treated by better oil filtering system, filtering after most of the tobacco smoke, will internal accessories such as, wind wheel, motor, at the circuit, can effectively extend the service life of the power and effect of smoking, long time holding hood.

In response to this trend, the Y-111 oil fume separation fume machine has been launched to completely separate the fume into the oil fume machine.

The demand for gas cooker also moves to the main point of high fire and high security.

Such swingfire 2010-2014 launched the welcome of the market, but with the popularity of natural gas, fire stove has a better market share in 2015, but the gas stove opening installation requirements should be with extinguishing protection function. This has also resulted in the marking of the stove, which is the compulsory requirement of the country and the user's spontaneous demand for the use of safety.

The third consumption upgrade, the main consumer of the population also from the 60.70 years of people, transferred to the 80.90. This part of the people's consumer demand is not the minimum living cost of the past, but a more comfortable life. Individualization and intelligence are the consumer characteristics that these consumers pursue. So the kitchen and health industry related to the current real estate is also under the tide of the third consumption upgrade.

How to deal with the trend of consumer upgrading and development of kitchen and health appliances?

1. products should have a selling point

At the same time, to meet the function, there should be personalized selling point. If a smoker can only smoke. There is no other selling point added, it is difficult to arouse the interest of the consumer. It is necessary to take a special function, such as automatic cleaning, steam cleaning, automatic switch, human induction and so on.

2. product brands should have seen

That's why the previous cherry blossoms, now the Optima market. Because of the low price and the big name brand, so that the product can be sold quickly. Nameless products are hard to impress consumers. Therefore, the agents of kitchen and bathroom appliances must make their agents brand able to see or hear in the whole region. Wall advertising, banners are currently more affordable and better results.

3. good experience

A visit to a wholesaler was visited by a kitchen and health agent. He gave his offline stores with all the family display, a prototype of a send. I said, "isn't it a loss for you to do this?" The dealer said: "as long as the exhibition with customers will be able to sell." Later, think of this truth.

To develop a franchisee, if not to display, so he had to show what consumers do? Consumers see the samples on display, can try machine, you can feel the installation in your own kitchen effect. The intention of buying is very strong.

In the current consumption upgrading trend, we must pay attention to the market demand for kitchen and bathroom products, catch the selling points and give customers good experience and services, so that we can continue to develop in this wave of market, otherwise we will be eliminated. Qijia kitchen and bathroom focused on kitchen and electrical appliances for twenty years. They always pay attention to the market dynamic development and develop together with the distributors nationwide, and grow stronger under this market trend.

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