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Kitchen and toilet agent, why should the first goods after the goods?

Date:2017-12-07 Author: 未知

Dong Mingzhu, the queen of sale, tells you why the goods are in the first place.

30 years old bereavement, 36 years old work, never mistaken, give up 80 million annual salary for GREE to run out of life!

Dong Mingzhu, who is 62 years old this year, is still full of energy, like a hooligan, working on the Internet all day. Especially the thunder army and the beautiful. (Dong Mingzhu and old mama are an age, do you believe it?)

In 1990, Dong Mingzhu, 36, became a salesman for GREE electrical appliances. She gave up the traditional submission system after the first goods, and first implemented the GREE system of "first money and post goods" in Anhui. Because of violating the traditional rules of the market, Dong Mingzhu encountered many difficulties, but fortunately, at last, an electrical appliance store agreed with her first goods and later delivery system, which also contributed to her first business.

Until now, GREE has been using the "after the first shipment" system, Dong Mingzhu has repeatedly said that this system is only the achievements of today's GREE and her own.

Now more and more manufacturers have implemented the "first goods and post goods" system. You may have a doubt that now the market is generally overcapacity, why the "first goods" can be in vogue?

First, the first goods will make the customer carefully choose the variety and quantity of the goods, and also prevent the customers from buying the goods.

Second, the way the first goods and goods can also make the customer more careful operation of their own business. Example: it's raining today. My friend sent a ticket for 200 pieces of movie. You may not go, but if you pay for it yourself, you will go.

Third, we will maintain our relationship with customers more carefully after the first payment, because we treasure the customers who are the first customers. We will give you the best discount and make every effort to make you profitable. Because, we want to keep you;

The credit start after offend customers and even lose customers foreshadowed. Such examples are everywhere. How much cooperation has changed from the initial courtesy, understanding, trust and support to the last dragging accounts, charging accounts and escaping accounts, even turning a lawsuit.

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