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Franchise advantage

1. marketing management:
The company has established a marketing planning center, from brand integration to regional market operation, to provide a comprehensive and sustainable marketing strategy guidance for the franchise system, so as to ensure the survival and development of the distributors.

2. brand publicity:
Qijia brand has been remote in the former industry other brands, belonging to one of the ten major brands of the industry. Qijia integrated kitchen, from the traditional kitchen three piece to the modern integrated development, has created the new product, opened the brand marketing way of China integrated kitchen industry, and infected consumers with cultural strength, and established brand trust and beauty.

3. hardware technology:
The company invested heavily, set up an independent production base, from independence to the production of a dragon service. The introduction of advanced production technology at home and abroad, products with high positioning into the market quality assurance, can meet the different levels of consumption demand.
4. terminal image:
Together with the professional design institutions, the unified terminal display standard system is introduced to enhance the brand style.

5. after sale service:
If the store has the qualification of installation, it must sign the installation agreement. If the store does not have the qualification of installation, it will be learned by the franchised shop worker, and the company is responsible for free training, guidance and installation technology, so that the store can quickly grasp the installation technology and do the installation service well.

6. market protection:

From the date of joining, the marketing department and the sales department provide the full support of the market promotion, and tailor the promotion plan with the local actual situation. Dealers have the exclusive right to operate in their area. After the signing of the franchises, Qi Jia headquarters does not develop new distributors in its area, so as to ensure the independence of distributor's distribution rights.

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