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Company profile

Introduction of Qijia brand enterprise

Founded in 2004, the electrical appliance is the forerunner of China's kitchen appliance OEM industry, and is also the kitchen electric appliance company with the high yield of kitchen electric field. Thirteen years, fortune to electric is committed to leading-edge technology and perfect and reliable quality, help China family and their kitchen to establish closer ties.

In 2017 the company finances heavy launch "QEEKA" brand, including the whole family household range hood, cooker, disinfection cabinet, gas water heaters, electric water heater, integrated kitchen, drop type hood, oven, steam boiler, water purifier, water tank dishwasher and other kitchen appliances solutions. With the breakthrough of the core technology of the hood, big suction and high wind and super quiet, Qijia has created the most suitable large kitchen ventilator with large suction and large air volume. At the same time, independent innovation has over 100 family of patented technology products, including fresh air suction, free washable, steam washing, infrared, fire ring, Liz sterilization etc.. Since 2017, Qijia electric appliance has landed in the market, and has become the mainstream kitchen electric appliance manufacturer of comprehensive kitchen appliances in the market, and has completed the transformation and upgrading from manufacturing to brand.

Focus on the future, continue to improve family cooking environment, the Chinese long food culture and the advanced science and technology, so that every family to enjoy the superb technology brings easy cooking, let the technology more humane atmosphere, make cooking become more fun, to narrow the distance between the heart and the heart of the family, for the world to build more happiness home.

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